Milwaukee's Best Hotel for a Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, Chris planned a romantic overnight stay in Milwaukee. We checked in at the beautiful Iron Horse Hotel in the early afternoon, where we were graciously greeted with fruity welcome cocktails.

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As we settled into our lofty room, a server arrived to deliver champagne and chocolate truffles, a nice touch Chris added for Valentine's Day, although it's also available for any room package when you book your stay.


Our room was on the fifth floor with a great view of Milwaukee in the distance. The hotel is on the train line and conveniently offers ear plugs for light sleepers. I'm the heaviest sleeper around, so this wasn't a problem for me -- although in the morning, you can hear the train as it goes by. By no means a deal-breaker for such a cool stay, but worth noting if you wake up easily.

Regardless, our room had an eclectically urban vibe, with exposed brick, industrial lighting and a mix of modern and rustic decor. The Keurig was a nice touch, along with an iPod player, cozy robes and a huge bathroom with an oversized rain shower head. 


Downstairs, the lobby was constantly packed with fellow visitors and locals alike. There was a cozy bar, Branded, that was buzzing from the time we arrived until we left the next day around noon, along with a large lounge area with clusters of couches and armchairs for big groups or intimate conversations.

The hotel is dog-friendly, and we saw our share of Great Danes and dachshunds roaming around the lobby on leashes with their owners. The reception desk even had a water bowl and treats for the furry guests.

We didn't have a chance to try out the restaurant, Smyth, but we peeked in and the ambiance was great. There was also a gym and spa, both of which we didn't have time to visit but will add to the list for next time. Overall, the hotel could serve as a destination in itself and invites you to linger in the common areas, mingle with other guests and really feel a sense of relaxation. 

Source:  Photo Bucket

Source: Photo Bucket

The hotel is located just southwest of downtown Milwaukee in the trendy Walker's Point neighborhood. It's easily within walking distance to a crop of good restaurants, and it's only a short hike from the Third Ward. For bike enthusiasts, it's right next to the Harley Davidson Museum -- and during the annual summer Motorcycle Rally, rooms can go for upwards of $1,000. 

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