Most Romantic Places to Propose

Spring is in the air, and with the cheery weather comes a hopeful sense of romanticism. Chris and I got married in the spring, nearly two years ago already, so this season always puts me in a rosy mood.


While we got married in the spring, we got engaged in the fall. I'll always remember it like yesterday -- a romantic stroll behind the Shedd Aquarium, with the Chicago skyline forming a dramatic and beautiful backdrop in the distance. I couldn't have asked for a better memory to look back on as the moment we decided to spend forever together.

Cheesiness aside, as the season turns warmer now and I'm feeling especially affectionate, here are a few out-of-town places I think would make for (almost) perfect proposal spots.

Next to the Seine, Paris

It's no secret I have a love affair with Paris. On one of my favorite afternoons in the city, Chris and I grabbed baguettes and a bottle of wine as we sauntered down to the Seine. We claimed a private little bench and spent a lazy couple hours enjoying our picnic and each others' company. Had we not already been married, this sweet little bench would've certainly served as a perfect proposal place.


At the Biltmore, Asheville

Call me silly, but there's something about being in front of America's biggest mansion that makes you want to couple up and chase down your own little empire. I'm a huge fan of Asheville -- and while the few times I've been have only been in passing, the city impresses a spirit of upscale accessibility.

It would make the perfect proposal destination for a couple who loves a bit of flair mixed with down-home comfort. Plus, for beer lovers it's a budding craft brewing destination.


On a Kayak, Charlevoix

Last summer, we spent Fourth of July weekend with two of our best friends in northern Michigan. Everything about northern Michigan in July embodies that quintessential American summer. Charlevoix itself is an adorable lake town, but the peaceful serenity you can escape to on the water is even better. 

We rented kayaks, and while a little under-matched next to the yachts and speedboats flying by, navigating the waters on a sunny summer day was so worth it. So long as you pull over to pop the question (don't dare drop the ring in the lake!), this is the perfect setting for a beautiful proposal.