Weekly Wanderlust: Bond Edition

As Spectre takes the box office by storm, and takes the audience on an impressive tour of Morocco to Mexico City, this week's wanderlust will inspire your next chic getaway fit for Bond. James Bond. 

Keep Paris in your thoughts and prayers.

As we struggle to make sense of last weeks's tragic events, the Eiffel Tower's triumphant bleu, blanc et rouge are a hopeful reminder of Paris's unyielding strength and courage, and its power to persevere. 

Source:  NBC News

Source: NBC News

And as some of the globe's most iconic landmarks shone brightly in support, it's a remarkable reminder just what a small world this is, and how connected we all are.

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Source:  CTV News

Source: CTV News

Source:  Slate

Source: Slate

Source:  Tech Insider

Source: Tech Insider

Weekly Wanderlust

Here in Chicago, we're still digging out from the city's fifth worst blizzard on record, so driving a convertible in Cuba sounds pretty darn good right now. 

Below check out the first weekly roundup of the latest buzzworthy places, trips and things to try.